Our Leaders

Igor Grossman
Igor Grossman

An evangelist with a very unique and powerful gift of deliverance, miracles, healings and leadership. Founder of the church “Mevaser Yerushalaim” in the city of Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel. Met the Lord in a dramatic way, narrowly avoiding death.

Nataly Grossman
Nataly Grossman

A prophetess with a strong gift of word of knowledge and discernment of spirits. Has a unique anointing to create an atmosphere of worship and prayer.

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A large growing church that is planting churches throughout Israel and other countries.

  1. Make disciples who will be able to make other disciples themselves.
  2. Train leaders at all levels, especially homegroup leaders.
  3. Creation of a spiritual center for all nations. Objective: To help leader to find their potential and train them through biblical and Jewish values.
  1. A strong passion for the supernatural move of the Holy Spirit: we constantly see deliverances from demons, healings, prophecies, and many miracles.
  2. Strong leaders working in unity – our pastors make all decisions together as equal partners.
  3. Character Transformation: We are not afraid to talk about problem because we are looking for open and trusting relationships.
  4. Save as many as possible. Absolutely everything we do, we do it for this very purpose.

Mevaser Yerushalaim in Hebrew means “a HARBINGER to Jerusalem” because we are going ahead to herald the Messiah to Israel and prepare his coming.


In just 6 years our church has grown from just 7 members to over hundred people in attendance every week in Rishon LeTsyion. If this trend continues, we could double within a year. On top of this, we have as well started churches in Nazareth, in Jerusalem and in Beersheba. Such a growth is absolutely unheard in Israel, where it is extremely difficult to reach out to our Jewish brothers.